About Us


My name is Alexis, and I have no idea what I’m doing on the internet! I’m married to Juan and we both work in separate factories, on the same shift. I’m a welder, he’s a Hilo driver and we work 48 to 60 hours most weeks. We met in Puerto Rico (romantic right.. but wait..) while each of us were in our respective rehab centers. That was 2013.  I had just come off an 8-year heroin addiction, and he a 25 year one.

Here I plan to tell my story.

Also while I was in rehab I went to school for the entire two years to be a welder, which is how I have been supporting myself since. I love welding and making things in general. Steampunk fascinates me. I love crafts. I love animals. I love to hear stories of how people found success. So…  nice to meet you!